Kitchen Chef Knife 8 Inches


  • Sharp stainless Steel Khinfe with Ergonomic Handle Protective Finger Guard
  • Sharp stainless Steel with Ergonomic Handle Protective Finger Guard
    Best Knife of best Brand Home Heros
  • Available in Black Color
  • The handle is made of Polypropylene
  • Edge of the Blade is Plain

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  • YOU KNOW A CHEAPLY MADE CHEFS KNIFE WHEN YOU USE ONE – it CHIPS, CRACKS, and feels UNRELIABLE & FLIMSY IN YOUR HANDS. With its 8-INCH PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL BLADE and durable, TPR-PROTECTED POLYPROPYLENE HANDLE, the Home Hero Chef Knife is designed to last. The perfect all-purpose kitchen chopping knife!
  • UNLIKE OTHER CHEF KNIVES THAT ARE DULL FROM THE START and only GET WORSE OVER TIME, our chef’s knife features an ULTRA SHARP CUTTING EDGE, for easy slicing and perfect precision. This CURVED, 1.5MM-THICK BLADE even has a NONSTICK COATING to prevent food from sticking to it, making CUTTING & CHOPPING EVEN SIMPLER!
  • MAKE RUST STAINS A THING OF THE PAST! Our slicing knife is crafted from RUST-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL that will stay SPOTLESS AND RUST-FREE for years to come. Safe to use in the top rack of your dishwasher!
  • SLICE, DICE, MINCE & CHOP WITH EASE! With its FINELY CRAFTED CURVED BLADE, our multi-purpose cooking knife allows the home chef to rock the knife for MORE PRECISION when mincing & dicing. Cut meats, butternut squash, hard vegetables, soft fruit – WHATEVER YOU LIKE!
  • HOME HERO WAS CREATED BECAUSE WE WANTED SOMETHING BETTER. We bring together a unique mix of QUALITY MATERIALS, DURABILITY, GREAT VALUE & PROFESSIONALLY CRAFTED ACCURACY to create the feeling of being a PAMPERED CHEF WITHOUT THE PRICE TAG. Whether you’re a master cook or a newbie, our cooking & baking tools will help you COOK FASTER, EASIER & CLEANER – and have a great time doing it! Our elegant, high-quality kitchen essentials are MUST-HAVES FOR THE WELL-EQUIPPED COOK.